Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sex Blogger In US To Escape “Tyranny Of Umno”

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PETALING JAYA: Infamous sex blogger Alvin Tan claims he has taken off to the US to escape criminal charges under Malaysia’s Sedition Act and Film Censorship Act.

According to a news report on CNA, Tan blamed the “tyranny of Umno” as the main reason he has fled to begin a new life in the US.

Claiming “political persecution” from Malaysian authorities, Tan said he was awaiting his final asylum hearing in the US, and if that failed, he intended to publish even more seditious material online to “taunt” the authorities back home.
He reasoned this would get the authorities “hot” on his pursuit once again, “therefore creating an even more well-founded fear of political persecution to bolster my asylum claim.”
Tan, 26, and his partner Vivian May Ling, 25, who called themselves Alvivi, were jointly accused of posting seditious material on their Facebook page where both were photographed tucking into a well-known but non-halal dish called bak kut teh, made with pork, with a caption wishing Muslims “Selamat Berbuka Puasa”.
Earlier the pair gained notoriety by posting sexually explicit photographs and videos of themselves and their genitals on a blog.
Interpol has been reportedly on the lookout for Alvin Tan since late August this year in efforts to get him back to the country to face the criminal charges levelled against him.
Tan was a former National University of Singapore scholarship holder, who has since been expelled from the university and stripped of his scholarship while Lee has been disowned by her family.
The couple has reportedly also split up.

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