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Actually, to be honest, I stole that line from the phrase ‘The economy, stupid’, which campaign strategist James Carville coined as Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign against president George H. W. Bush in 1992.
Anyway, while Malaysians argue about who can and cannot use the Allah word, or whether kangkungshould or should not be shoved down the throat of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s effigy, we are neglecting many more important things to fight about.
Having been in the UK since 2009 I invariably come into contact with many Malaysian students and ex-students who settled down in the UK to live and work, some for more than 20 years now.
And the main grouse for these people is regarding Malaysia’s standard of education. That is why they are in the UK. And some settle down in the UK so that their children, too, can receive a better education.

To some Chinese, education is even more important than the economy. With a good education one can always earn a living anywhere in the world. Chinese educationists argue that the Chinese would rather go to Chinese schools instead of national schools because the standard of education in Chinese schools is far superior to that of national schools. (In fact, I have read many such comments even here in Malaysia Today itself).
Maybe the Malaysian government should look into this and come out with a master plan on how national schools can emulate Chinese schools so that the standard of national schools can improve.
From: Ht.Ng <>
Date: Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: Longgokan sampah haram
To: YDP – MPSP <>
Cc: Cheong Yin Fan <>, Kimfei Wong <>, lily heng <>, nor diana mohd zabidi <>, Julio Lee <>
Dear YDP Pn. Maimunah, I would like to shares my opinion Re. Longgokan sampah haram with Puan.
1.     I’m understand that MPSP hard to change public minded to avoid rubbish throw merata-rata. But it has brought bad impression to outsider/tourists.
What I share with CM that, Re: cleaner and greener at Butterworth have to improve. We can found longgokan sampah haram everywhere. Frankly to say, we butterworth guys are familiar with longgokan sampah haram. Mostly people haven’t lodged the complaints, but it doesn’t mean they accepted the living environment now.
We believe that, Contractors MPSP have done well on their job. But longgokan sampah haram stillmaking the problem. As I know, Longgokan sampah haram not in jadual kutipan.
My consider is, whether can MPSP have a mechanism to settle this kind of problem (Longgokan sampah haram)?
2.  I was drove along Jalan Ong Yi how last Saturday. Around 15 mins only, just sharing what I saw. (Kindly find the attached file.)
3.     I knows that MPSP had work hard on it, therefore I felt embarrassing if I lodge too much of complaints. Some members of press always joke that our government just settle what problem they write in newspapers. Like example, isu longgokan sampah selepas pengalihan tong sampah di SRJKC Chung Hwa 3. If they didn’t write, problem will still there. Not only this cases, because we care about public impression. As government we need always alert and solve it before public complaints lodged.
4.     My suggestion:
i.        Pegawai-pegawai Jabatan need turun padang walk around do spot-check against all contractors.
ii.      Installed CCTV not the long-term solutions. Improving public awareness more efficient.
iii.    Straight enforcement against public.
iv.   Lead and works together with YB and councilors following the mechanism if can.
Puan, thank you for giving me opportunity to sharing my comments. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. I hope that State government truly delivers a cleaner and greener city and improve a quality life, and not just a slogan.
Thank you.
Best Regards,

Ng Hooi Ting
Special assistant to the Chief Minister
Ex-student of SJK (C) Kwang Hwa and SRJK (C) Keong Hoe
H/p number : 012-5618825

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