Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anwar mocks EC for by-election ‘delay’

KAJANG: PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim said the Election Commission (EC) had created a record of sorts by having the Kajang by-election almost at the end of the 60 days legal limit from the day the seat had become vacant.

“This is the first time they have decided to hold it so late… I checked on Google and found out that there are no elections held so late (from the time a seat becomes vacant),” he said at a high-tea session involving about 50 people in Sungai Sekamat earlier today.
“However I am not worried.  It is okay as long as they follow the regulations. I guess this is what happens whenever there is something related to Anwar,” he added.

The EC fixed March 23 for polling and March 11 as nomination day. Early polling would be conducted on March 19.
The law requires a by-election within 60 days of a seat being vacated. In Kajang’s case, the seat became vacant on Jan 27 and the EC was informed by the Selangor Speaker the next day. The March 23 polls are just five days short of the 60 days legal limit.
PKR’s PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian meanwhile said the March 23 date was set to give an edge to Barisan Nasional.
“The EC is purposely trying to clash the dates with our party polls and campaign period,” said Hee when met at the sidelines of the hi-tea session there.

PKR polls will be held from March 15 to 17.
Anwar started his campaign trail today with the hi-tea event. He is set to be involved in two more events today, including a ceramah in Taman Kajang Baru later tonight.
The Kajang state seat comprises 38,965 registered voters. At the last general election in May, 2013, the seat saw a voter turnout of 87.9% with 541 spoilt votes. It has 48% Malay voters, Chinese 41%, Indian 10% and others 1%.
In the 2013 general election PKR’s Lee garnered 19,571 votes with a 6824 majority votes. BN-MCA’s Lee Ban Seng received 12,747 votes and Mohamad Ismail (Berjasa) 1,014 votes.
The three independent candidates who contested the seat are Mohd Iwan Jefrey Abdul Majib (249 votes), Ong Yan Foo (85 votes) and Mohd Khalid Kassim (83 votes).
Aside from the two Lees, the rest of the candidates lost their election deposits.
Kajang, famous for its satay, is located in the eastern part of Selangor is one of the three state constituency in the Hulu Langat parliament constituency. It has a 342,657 population, consisting 60.4% Malays, 19.3% Chinese, 9.7% Indians, and 10.6% other ethnic groups.

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