Friday, July 11, 2014

A simple apology will not suffice

bung mokhtar
PETALING JAYA: A simple apology is not good enough, Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar should be more heavily censored, says Jimmy Puah Wee Tse, the PKR Johor Legal Bureau Chief.

He should resign as the Deputy Chairman of the BN Backbenchers Club, said Puah who is also the Bukit Batu state assemblyman.
Puah urged Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to demand Bung’s resignation as he is  “clearly unfit” to hold this position.

“Malaysians have long known Bung as a tasteless and provocative politician and now his antics have gone global,” Puah said.
Last Tuesday, following Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil in the World Cup Semi-Final, Bung tweeted “ Well Done..Bravo… Long Live Hitler”.
The reference to Hitler has incurred the wrath of the German embassy and the news went global with even the BBC reporting it.
“Bung has truly tarnished our country’s image,” said Puah.
Adolf Hitler is one of the most evil persons in human history who sought a “final solution” to exterminate the Jews.
The Holocaust that killed nearly millions of Jews in Europe was the greatest human tragedy ever.
It was perpetrated  by Hitler and his henchmen.
“What would possess a man to refer to Hitler in a congratulatory tweet is simply beyond most people.”
“If Bung wanted to use a famous German, he can always refer to the world renowned composer Ludwig van Beethoven or tennis star Boris Becker,” Puah said.
“Why refer to the most evil man in mankind’s history?”
“It is expected of him, as an elected representative, to set a better example for Malaysians,” Puah said,
This is not the first time Bung courted controversy.
Just last November, Bung led the rest of the BN Backbenchers in literally tearing up a PKR motion in the Parliament house in a bizarre manner.
Previously in 2007, he also uttered in Parliament that MP for Batu Gajah, at that time Fong Po Kuan also ‘leaks’ every month.
Despite an uproar in Parliament then, no action was taken against him.
Puah challenged the Prime Minister to show his leadership and take more sterner action against the MP.

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