Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zainuddin: MCA can go to hell

zainudin maidin
PETALING JAYA: Former chief editor of Utusan Malaysia, Zainuddin Maidin said MCA has not changed its strategy of seeking popularity among non-Malays by displaying anti-Malay and anti-Umno sentiments, a trait copied straight out of the playbook of DAP.

“Completely decimated in GE13 by the DAP, MCA was brought back into the BN Cabinet and given ministerial posts by our Prime Minister and president of Umno, out of sheer pity. This humane gesture, however, failed to instil any loyalty within MCA, which immediately launched into its old game and outmoded strategies.” he declared.

“Its president, (Datuk Seri) Liow Tiong Lai, as soon as he was made a minister immediately wanted to show to the Chinese community that he’s got ‘cojones’ (courage) by criticising the government and by denouncing Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for saying that the cow-head incident was the result of RSN Rayer’s abusive mouth.
“Not to be out-shone, MCA’s (Datuk) Ti Lian Ker said Zahid was arrogant and apathetic and went further to accuse Zahid of promoting lawlessness in Malaysia.
“MCA is void of ideas; it only knows how to copy and plagiarise DAP’s dirty tactics. It has shown that it is two-faced. It’s like sleeping with the enemy,” Zainuddin blasted in his latest entry in his blog
“BN should tell MCA to go to hell and recruit DAP instead if MCA continues to behave this way. Better to be friends with an enemy you know than one you don’t know.