Thursday, August 28, 2014

DAP’s principles thrown into the polluted Klang river

dap river
PETALING JAYA: Former MCA president Chua Soi Lek said Pakatan’s infighting and lust for power would further distance the public from the coalition.

In his blog posting Soi Lek said the people trusted them with the mandate to rule Selangor in the past two General Elections.
“The Rakyat supported PR in the belief that they will bring in an era of new politics with fresh faces, more rakyat friendly, less political infighting, less corruption, more transparency and accountability,” he said, noting that the PR had claimed the popular votes even though they did not win enough seats to form the government.

Singling out the DAP, Soi Lek commented that “DAP used to laugh and mock MCA for leaders who are old as compared to DAP where they have young, intelligent, full of ideas and new faces.”
But, the DAP had discarded the “so-called virtues that they have advocated into the polluted Klang river,” when they chose to support Wan Azizah as the next MB.
Soi Lek also expressed his admiration for Wan Azizah, calling her a devoted, patient, and humble counterpart to Anwar, but also felt that as the leader for a fast developing state like Selangor, she would amount to not much more than a figurehead MB for her husband.
Soi Lek called PR “a pack of politicians lusting for power and who are willing to sacrifice their principles which they have advocated for so long,”
Soi Lek said the rakyat had forgotten that they had originally voted what they thought was a better alternative for BN, but a small number had already begun to be disillusioned.
“Don’t be surprised if the winner of the day turns out to be Azmin Ali,” he said .

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