Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ong : Government can’t be trusted with incinerator projects

KUALA LUMPUR: Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming alleged that the Department of Environment (DOE) did not deliver on promises to upgrade the Taman Beringin Waste Transfer Station in Kepong, leading residents in the surrounding neighbourhood to put up with foul stench.

Speaking to the press today in an event organised by Kuala Lumpur Tak Nak Insinerator (KTI), an NGO, Ong said, “If the DOE cannot take care of simple leachate problems from the landfill and waste station, they cannot be trusted to track and manage incinerators.”
Ong was referring to the untreated leachate from the now defunct Taman Beringin landfill and Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) Waste Transfer station that is now causing a foul stench as it flows into rivers and contaminates its waters.

The press conference was called by KTI to reveal the outcome of its environment contaminant analysis of various sampling points in the area, which was carried out by a certified independent laboratory.
Citing the report, Ong stressed that some of the toxic elements such as heavy metals and organic pollutants were present in much higher levels than allowed.
One local resident, Lai Yak Guan said, “This is the worst scenario for my family and I to be in. We are victims of mismanagement by the DOE.
“We have been dealing with problems for almost three years now,” he added.
To immediately remedy the problem in this neighbourhood, Ong said, “Firstly, the leachate from waste transfers must to be treated.
“Then, the landfill leachate treatment plant has be operational.”
KTI vice president, CT Lee added that the organisation has made efforts to start meaningful dialogue with the appropriate authority, after being repeatedly stuck in bureaucratic red tape.
He added, “This is not only a local matter, but a national matter. These concerns persist throughout the nation as well.”

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