Monday, September 29, 2014

Get Rid This Duo

An Umno leader has told FMT that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak would have to get rid of two problems in order to save Umno. The two problems are Umno Secretary-General Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and the party’s information chief, Ahmad Maslan.

The PM has to replace them with more suitable candidates if Barisan Nasional, in particular Umno, wants to stay in power after the next general election.

With these two people around, Anwar Ibrahim does not have to do much. Ku Nan and Ahmad are doing enough damage to Umno. They are behind time and do not understand that the mentality and psyche of the voters have changed.
In the next GE, about 70% of the voters are going to be below 30 and most if not all of them are Internet-savvy and obtain their news from the social media. Ku Nan and Ahmad do not know how to fight the cyber war, which is going to determine the election result.

In fact, as far back as 2008, the Internet already played a major role in winning the hearts and minds of the voters, added this Umno leader. But when told way back in 2006 that Umno had to bring itself up-to-date on how the new politics was to be played, some leaders of the party pooh-poohed the Internet and said that it was not a threat.

One senior Umno leader even said that his children used the Internet to just play games and search for cheap airline tickets. How wrong he was, as the result of the 2008 general election proved.

According to the Umno leader that FMT spoke to, many of his colleagues do not understand why Najib still wants to retain people like Ku Nan and Ahmad, whose shelf lives have expired. “Why is Najib so scared of getting rid of them?” he asked. “And does Najib not understand this is crucial to the survival of Umno?”

“Three years is not a long time,” he said, “and if Najib does not act now it will soon be too late to save Umno. The only thing keeping Umno in power is the votes from Sabah and Sarawak.”

If the Barisan Nasional parties in Sabah and Sarawak decide to abandon Barisan Nasional, then Umno is finished. Umno in Peninsular Malaysia would not be able to win even 100 parliament seats, prophesied the Umno leader.

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