Thursday, September 25, 2014

Appointment of S’gor MB not according to law

azmin ali baru bian
KUCHING: PKR Sarawak is unhappy that the Sultan of Selangor ignored the constitution and conventions by rejecting the nomination of party president Wan Azizah as Menteri Besar (MB).

“This is not to be taken as a precedent for the future as this practice is not what we were taught at law school,” said PKR Sarawak Chief Baru Bian, a senior lawyer in private practice. “The appointment of Azmin Ali as the MB was not according to law.”
“We note however our president’s gracious withdrawal of her candidacy to allow Azmin to accept the appointment.”
However Baru welcomed the appointment of the PKR Deputy President as the 15th MB of Selangor on Tuesday. He added that he was happy the crisis in Selangor was over.
Renewing the debate, Baru cited Law Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar who has pointed out in the media that the Sultan appoints the MB upon the Dewan recommending a person who has majority support.
“The majority support was for the president of PKR,” said Baru. “In this instance, the palace decided that Azmin can also secure the support of the majority of the Dewan.”
Baru expressed confidence that Azmin will be a MB for all and that his administration “will be accountable, transparent and caring”.
“Selangor, being the richest state in Malaysia, can be a model Pakatan Rakyat state,” said Baru. “If the new MB practices good management of the state’s reserves and spends it prudently, the people will benefit.”

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