Monday, September 15, 2014

Singaporeans vent anger over toll hike

PETALING JAYA: The Singapore government’s decision to increase Causeway toll rates from October 1 is not going down well with Singaporeans.

According to the news and opinion portal “The Real Singapore”, Singaporeans had expected the hike, knowing their government’s “core value of greed.”
The portal asked readers whether they thought citizens would benefit in any way.

Some of the readers, in condemning Singapore, indirectly praised the Malaysian government.
Taufiq A. Halim said, “Maybe they should match the price of buying cars in Malaysia also. At least that’s fair.”
Raymond Chong asked, “Why never match petrol rebates like Malaysia?”
Ian FarEast BubbleCute said, “I’ll clap for PAP if they match Malaysia’s healthcare benefits, housing and vehicle pricing as well.”
Serene Ho said, “The government should match their salaries with the Malaysian ministers too.”
Lim Daniel said, “Everything want to follow Malaysia. Why not follow their PM and minister’s salary?”
Bang Jemi said, “It’s their country Malaysia. Up to them to increase. Why must we follow.”
Some readers gave an idea of how they would vote in the next Singapore election.
Toby Cheong said, “Prices will go up and even higher if these p*** are still around. When are those people who still believe in them going to wake up? GE 2016! We gotta make a change!”
Kenneth Ho said, “Election coming…2015! Know who to vote!”
Faiz Ariq Naidu said, “This government must fall. Sick n tired of all the bullshit!”
Some readers trained their guns at both the Singapore and Malaysian governments.
Yusuf Samuel said, “Both governments are greedy, not only Singapore, to be fair.”
Cla Ng said, “Malaysia dumb enough to take the bait and take the first bite, now Pap** happily reeling in the fat fish’.”
Born To Win made this harsh comment: “This is f****** stupid policy. Both countries leaders don’t treat public nicely. They can’t understand how we feel because they get f****** big salary.”
Lawrence Tay said, “Break the bridge so foreigner cannot come to work. Who ever want to go to Malaysia take a plane at the airport.”
Eric Lim KJ said, “These two countries just wayang only to increase their incomes. U believe what they say about each other? Both govt. knew at the end everyone will just accept it n life goes on.”
Nevertheless, there were a few comments made in defence of the Singapore government.
King Sun Wei Jie said, “Malaysia cause it! Singapore impose $$$ on only foreign cars but Malaysia is not happy and increase entry price but Singapore is not happy and decide to increase to match entry price. Blame the Malaysian government for being purely stupid.”
Johnny Hwang said, “Malaysia’s increase is price adjustment. Singapore match their toll charges is considered greed. What logic?”
Nur Ashabiena Mohd Ashraff said, “One will not raise its toll if the other never does so. At least what our government did was to match the toll. They do not raise it beyond what the Malaysian government has set.”

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