Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anwar popular in Kajang, but…

PETALING JAYA: Some Kajang residents are looking forward to having Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim represent them in the Selangor state assembly, but others complain that PKR has forced an unnecessary by-election that will waste funds.

Shopkeeper Tan Ngoh Chen, 78, said Anwar was popular in Kajang and Pakatan Rakyat had made a good move in naming him as its candidate.
He said he was familiar with some of the criticisms that have been leveled at Anwar as a politician, but added that a tenure in the state assembly would give him an opportunity to prove his detractors wrong.

“So let’s give Anwar a chance and I’ll go out to vote,” Tan said.
Faizim Edzal, 34, said Anwar had the necessary experience to take care of the constituency and even the state, if the rumour about him taking over the Menteri Besar post turned out to be true.
“I don’t mind who is standing as long the assemblyman takes care of the people’s welfare and addresses the issues that concern them,” said Faizim.
“Since the constituency was won by PKR in the last general election, I don’t see any obstacle to prevent Anwar from winning.”
M Krishnan, 42, said Anwar stood a good chance against any Barisan Nasional candidate because people were unhappy with the high cost of living and blaming BN for it.
He said Anwar had a 90% chance of winning.
Aru, 49, said he was happy with Pakatan Rakyat’s administration of Selangor, adding that he had received more assistance from the state than when BN was in power.
However, a few voters said they were unhappy about having to vote again so soon after the general election last May.
Azri, 35, said he wondered whether any election regulation had been violated.
Radzi, 54, asked whether assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh had stepped down after receiving cash incentives.
“I don’t see a good reason for having by-election,” he said. “It is a waste of government funds.”
Why not a local man?
Zamri, 43, asked why PKR did not choose a local candidate for the seat.
“How can they field Anwar when there are others in Kajang who know the constituency better,” he said.
“It’s waste of money to have this by-election. I feel there is a hidden agenda behind the whole thing.”
Simon, 55, said he was neutral and would support whoever won.
“Maybe Anwar has his own agenda and ideas, which can be positive or negative,” he said.
The Election Commission will meet on Feb 5 to decide on the nomination and polling dates.
Kajang has 38,965 voters. In the last general election, 87.9% of them went out to vote.
Lee Chin Cheh won with a majority of 6,824 votes, beating Lee Ban Seng of MCA, Mohamad Ismail of Berjasa and independent candidates Mohd Iwan Jefrey Abdul Majib, Ong Yan Foo and Mohd Khalid Kassim.

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