Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anwar: Where is MH370 cargo manifest?

anwar mh370
PETALING JAYA: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim had urged the government to make public the cargo that was on board flight MH370, which has been missing since March 8.

Keadilan Daily reported Anwar as saying that every flight would have its own cargo manifest which detailed the items carried on a particular plane.
“Every flight has it cargo manifest. So far, the government said that MH370 was carrying four tonnes of mangosteen and lithium ion batteries.

“But the government has not revealed everything and is being secretive. Why are you afraid? What is it that was being taken to  China? Tell us Najib ( Tun Razak),” asked Anwar at a ceramah session in Perak on Friday.
He added that to date the Australian government, which is leading the search and rescue mission at the Indian Ocean, has yet to receive MH370′s cargo manifest from Malaysia.
On March 8 flight MH370 carrying 239 people en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing  lost all communications with the air traffic control.
It was reported that the flight made an unauthorised westward turn towards the Andaman Sea before disappearing at the Indian Ocean.
Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, said that the government was deliberately trying to hide its inefficiency in handling the crisis despite having the technology to detect the plane before it went missing.
He said that the Marconi radar system, set up at the Gong Kedak air force facility, should have been able to detect the flight making the westward turn.
“So how did we miss spotting the plane? We have the radar, air force and even a defence minister. What if a hostile plane was in our air space? That is why Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein should resign,” said Anwar.
He added that public should not forget about the two Iranians who were able get on board the plane with stolen passports.
“And this can happen despite we having access to Interpol’s data system. This is why I believe that the government is trying to hide something on the plane’s disappearance,” accused  Anwar.