Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Abu Bakar Chik a tireless warrior

When news first broke of the passing of a legendary figure in PAS, Ustaz Abu Bakar Chik early June 23, I thought it must have been a mistake.

Alas, upon checking with multiple sources, the news is correct. The PAS central committee member had met with an accident at 4.30 on the East Coast Expressway.

He passed away while being brought to the hospital.

His assistant, Hasmizi Hasan, who was injured, were currently being treated at the Hulu Terengganu Hospital.

They were both believed to be returning home to Kuala Terengganu after visiting PAS president, Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang earlier in the day.

PAS Youth deputy chief, Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi in a Facebook posting June 23 said that Abu Bakar Chik was someone who did not know the meaning of tired when doing Islam's work.

"Anyone close to him would attest to this fact. He would always be inspired when talking issues affecting the ummah," he said.

Khalil also added that any discussion held with Abu Bakar Chik would not end unless it came with a solution or follow up action.

"His commitment is of the utmost, he would be willing to deliberate on the Islamic movement issues at any time, be it even way past midnight," he added.