Thursday, June 26, 2014

Harmony bills: IDEAS backs Perkasa

PETALING JAYA: The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) today supported Perkasa’s call for the rejection of national-unity laws proposed by the National Unity Consultative Council.

IDEAS chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan cautioned the public against a knee-jerk reaction to Perkasa’s threat to cut ties with Umno if the government were to accept the three draft bills.
“It certainly will put the government under pressure when dealing with recommendations from the NUCC,” Wan Saiful said in a press release.

“This whole mess could have been avoided if the NUCC’s working committee on law and policy did not hastily and without a clear strategy or aim publish the three draft bills while everybody else in the NUCC is still busy collecting and analysing data.
“The methodology deployed by the committee is wrong. And their actions put the wider work of the NUCC at risk because they published the draft bills without providing any context or background information.
“The NUCC’s working committee on law and policy is now inviting the public to comment on their three draft bills. This is an irrelevant request.
“The context is missing when the consultation was first initiated, therefore completely misleading the public.”
Wan Saiful said he was keen to see NUCC succeed but added that the transformation that the Najib administration was pursuing would be “worthless if Malaysia ends up becoming a divided nation”.
“To ensure NUCC’s success, they have to work more strategically and not sabotage each other, whether intentionally or not. For that reason, the draft bills must be rescinded immediately.”