Monday, June 16, 2014

Hudud flip-flop: Umno not serious

Umno was waiting for Selangor Speaker Hannah Yeoh to reject their motion to conduct a study on hudud in the state so that they could pounce on Pakatan Rakyat state government for going against the Islamic criminal penal code.

But their plot was shattered after Yeoh decided to allow the motion to be debated in the state legislative assembly.

Panicked, Umno had quickly withdrawn the motion that was proposed by its Sungai Air Tawar assemblyman Kamarol Zaki Abdul Malik. Selangor opposition leader Mohd Shamsudin Lias from UMNO had blamed the U-turn on misunderstanding surrounding the motion.

A pro-Umno blog also questioned whether Selangor Umno had consulted Prime Minister Najib Razak before handing in the motion.

Nevertheless, Umno’s flip-flop on the motion on hudud showed PAS was right all along when they accused Umno of not being serious to implement hudud.

“The withdrawal, after it has been accepted by the speaker, showed that the state opposition is not serious and that it does not have any respect for the state assembly," theSun quoted PAS’ Meru assemblyman Dr Rani Osman as saying.

The former Selangor PAS commissioner said Umno’s hudud stunt in Selangor was nothing more than a diversion from matters such as Goods and Services Tax (GST) and corruption.

If Umno is serious about implementing hudud, Dr Rani said they should implement it in BN’s Malay-majority states.

However for Selangor, Dr Rani opined that there are more important matters than hudud, to work on.