Monday, June 9, 2014

Malay group backs Johor bill

sultan_sultanah_johorJOHOR BARU: The Johor Malay NGOs Coordinating Council (Gabung) has declared its full support for the Johore Housing and Property Board Bill to be tabled today.
Gabung treasurer Zaini Atan told reporters yesterday the new enactment was necessary because “the current development is deemed to have sidelined Malays from living in urban areas.”

The proposed law has been criticised by several quarters who see it as sanctioning the involvement of the Sultan in administrative matters.
Zaini said he did not see this as a problem.
“The Sultan should be given room to ensure that Johor develops in a balanced manner,” he said.
“People should recall that it was the Sultan who consented to the construction of the Stulang People’s Housing Project (PPR) so that people who are less fortunate in the city can also own homes.”
He urged people from outside Johor to avoid being “too emotional” about the proposal and to guard against being influenced by opposition propaganda.