Friday, June 13, 2014

RMAF officer: I was ordered to delete Major Zaidi’s video

A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) officer admitted in court that he deleted videos of RMAF Major Zaidi Ahmad about the ineffectiveness of the indelible ink used in the 13th General Election under order.

The admission was made by RMAF Sergeant from Physical Safety and Crime Prevention Division, Mohd Khairul Nizam Ishak, who is also the first witness for Zaidi’s case, when he was questioned by Zaidi’s counsel, Hanipa Maidin.

“When you deleted the original video, you actually deleted the evidence, right?” asked Hanipa, in which Khairul answered, “Yes” in agreement.

“Do you agree that when you deleted the evidence, it is an offence,” Hanipa further questioned.

“No,” answered Khairul.

Answering questions during the examination-in-chief by prosecution counsel Major Ahmad Sanusi Ali, Khairul said he had deleted the video based on orders to avoid it from spreading to public.

“I obtained an order to delete from Lt Col Rosli (Khairul’s supervisor) so that it would not spread. I don’t agree that (it was an offence) because I obtained orders to delete so that it would not spread,” insisted Khairul.

Khairul had recorded Zaidi’s May 1 2013 press conference with his mobile phone, in which he complained about the removable ‘indelible’ ink used for the 13th General Election.

He agreed with Hanipa that the recorded video on his phone would be the primary evidence for the case.

The second witness of the case was Leading Aircraftman Mohd Zuraidy Muchtar, who claimed he was ordered to delete the recording under the instructions from Major Nor Azan.

Zuraidy, who is also a detective with the Physical Safety and Crime Prevention Division, said he attended Zaidi’s May 1 press conference near Kepala Batas police station as a journalist.

Zaidi is facing five charges over a media statement he made without the consent of the Defense Ministry and Armed Forces Council, which stated his dissatisfaction with the indelible ink used in last year’s general election.

Khairul, meanwhile, in his testimony, said Zaidi was right to lodge a police report on the failure of indelible ink as an individual.