Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sarawak rep Wong Ho Leng dies

KUCHING: Bukit Assek state assemblyman Wong Ho Leng of DAP died at the Rejang Medical Centre in Sibu late last night.
He was 55 years old and had been suffering from brain cancer for one and a half years.
Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chien Jen said he died without emerging from the coma he had fallen into last February.

Wong is a former chairman of Sarawak DAP. He made history when he wrested the Sibu parliament seat from BN in a by-election in 2010. He did not contest in last year’s parliamentary election because of his illness, but held on to the Bukit Assek seat, which he won in the 2011 state election.
No by-election is required if a seat is vacated three years after the first sitting of a state assembly. Wong passed the mark a day before he died.
Sarawak DAP vice chairman David Wong said Wong’s wife and children were at his side when he took his last breath.
He said the burial would take place on Tuesday.