Friday, July 11, 2014

Gaza: Must the world only watch?

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) calls on the world community to wake up and respond to the atrocities being committed in Gaza , which is now being witnessed again and again in real time each minute.

Sitting and only passively watching news of dead bodies of children and women through the TV channels is a reflection of impartiality towards cold blooded murder.

Keeping silent is not an option. Not doing anything else is tantamount to being part of the grand plan of the Zionist Israeli criminals who are executing massacre.

The Gaza Khan Yunis camp massacre of children by an Israeli air attack is definitely a horrendous war crime and can never be tolerated.

At least seven people, including two children, were killed and 25 others injured in one of the attacks last Tuesday, which targeted a home in the southern city of Khan Yunis.

Emergency services spokesman, Ashraf al-Qudra, said the attack “targeted the house of the al-Kaware family.”

According to witnesses a drone launched a warning flare, prompting relatives and neighbors to gather at the home as a human shield. But an F-16 immediately fired a missile which leveled the building.

The Israeli army claims it carried out some 40 air attacks on the coastal strip on Tuesday. Several residential buildings were targeted in the raids. Mohammad Shabaan, a Hamas military commander, was also among the fatalities.

We call on all the international agencies to never repeat the mistake of waiting for the Israeli military offensive to stop on its own will. The scale of casualties which will escalate by the hour should not only be a counting exercise on the board after all destruction has been executed. The Israeli military aggression must be stopped by force.

Nobody will deny what the Zionist regime is executing now is a war crime of the highest degree. The killing rampage is being done with impunity. Gaza has become a killing zone for the so called Operation Protective Edge.

It remains without doubt that a military response is inevitable. The only language that Israel listens to is counter military action .

The UN Security Council has time and again only functioned to secure Israel and never has any resolution been passed to punish Israel for the war crimes it has committed and enforced. Therefore relying on the UN Security Council appears to be a waste of time. If any measure can be taken by the UN Security Council and that can be effective it would be to deploy peace keeping troops to Gaza which again the UN Security Council has not attempted to do due to the veto power that would most likely be used by some super powers.

Neither are governments assertive enough to pressure Israel. Not a single country has the courage to take on Israel directly to force it to stop the carnage.

We urge for a mobilization of people around the world to support the defense of Gaza by every possible means. Gaza has become a killing field today.

We call for an intensified BDS campaign by civil society to be launched worldwide. Israel must be made to feel the hurt through the enforcing of economic and social sanctions. - ES

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