Thursday, July 17, 2014

Longhouse folks lift quarry blockade

SRI AMAN: Longhouse residents lifted a four-month blockade of a quarry site today after the operator agreed not to encroach into their NCR land and promised to compensate them for breaching their rights.

The five longhouses near the Melugu quarry will be compensated with a new gravity feed water piping system by the quarry operator.
Spencer Anak Sungkui, a spokesman for the longhouse residents credited DAP Sri Aman Chief Leon Jimat Donald for helping them to broker the agreement with the operator.

“The quarry will be operating only in the Kerong Pedalai area which is a state land previously occupied by a JKR quarry,” said Tuai Rumah Wilthon Timbang during a thanksgiving ceremony held yesterday.
“They promised not to encroach into our NCR land,” he added.
The site earmarked for the quarry is a water catchment area for nine villages with some 400 residents.

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