Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lajim wants more money

lajim ukin pkr sabah
KOTA KINABALU: Opposition leader Lajim Ukin said he would claim the legal costs of RM20,000 awarded by the Federal Court in his election petition and would seek for more costs he had incurred.

He gets to keep his Klias constituency after the Federal Court last Monday rejected an appeal filed by the losing Barisan Nasional candidate Isnain Aliasnih to cancel the election results for the area.
Lajim, who is also Sabah PKR chairman, said he would talk to his lawyer about his locus standi to claim more than the cost decided in the suit.

“I will talk to my lawyer if I have the right to write a letter to Isnain to claim more legal costs,” said Lajim in speaking about his victory for the first time.
“The RM20,000 the Federal Court gave is not enough. There are other costs incurred and related to the case.”
Lajim agreed that the Federal Court’s decision on the result of the election in Klias in the 13th general election shows the judiciary still upholds justice.
Lajim, contesting on a PKR ticket, won the Klias seat by a majority of 342 seats. He obtained 6,324 votes to Isnain’s 6,182.