Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anwar’s talk of ethics is nonsensical, says MCA

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PETALING JAYA: MCA has taken issue with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s statement that it would be unethical to reveal the names of the BN MP’s who were willing to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat on Sept 16 2008.

In a press statement released today, MCA Strategic Planning and Research Committee Deputy Chairman Lua Chun Hann said Anwar’s plea to ethics was “nonsensical”. He speculated that Anwar was unable to come up with the names because “not a single” BN MP was willing to jump ship.

Yesterday, testifying in his suit against Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, Anwar refused to name the 40 MP’s allegedly willing to crossover, saying it “would be unethical” for him to do so.
Lau said Anwar’s attempt to cause the crossover was an “exercise and a risk-taking in futility.”
“He grossly misassumed that the BN MP’s are spineless and willing to ditch the BN coalition,” he added.
Lau also questioned Anwar’s ethics in relation to the Kajang Move, saying he “manufactured” the move to compel assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh to quit the Kajang seat, “thereby forcing an articifical by-election so that he would be the candidate in his chase for the coveted Menteri Besar’s post.”
He added: “Where is Anwar’s ‘ethics’ now in turning against his one time loyalist Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who at the risk of his own reputation, visited Anwar faithfully while he was imprisoned on corruption charges?”

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