Friday, August 22, 2014

Azmin: Democracy under attack

SHAH ALAM: PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali has characterised the sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim as an attack on the country’s democratic institutions.

Speaking at the opening of the 10th PKR Youth Congress this morning, he said Anwar was being targeted because of his tenacity in pursuing democratic ideals.
He said the fight for democracy ran parallel with the the struggle for justice.

Referring to the sedition charge against lawyer N. Surendran, he said it was “nothing more than Umno’s way of punishing him for acting as Anwar’s defence lawyer.”
“This is an attack on defence lawyers and the process of the law,” he added.
He warned that when the law ceases to uphold the spirit of justice, it is open to abuse by unjust leaders.
“As such, we in the Youth Wing cannot afford to be complacent and take the attitude of the indifferent masses,” he said.

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