Monday, August 11, 2014

DAP cannot interfere in MB issue

rahmad isahak
GEORGE TOWN: Registrar of Societies (RoS) has yet to ratify DAP’s central executive (CEC) committee election and therefore the party has no legal right make any decision in the Selangor Mentri Besar crisis, the Penang Malay Congress said today.

Its president, Rahmad Isahak, said DAP was embroiled in a law suit with RoS over the outcome of CEC elections last year.
Rahmad said until the suit was settled, DAP should focus more on its internal issues and the running the Penang state government.

The CEC is the highest decision-making body, but following a botched election two years ago, the DAP has been at odds with RoS, which has chosen to interpret the guidelines differently from the party.
“Since the DAP has taken RoS to court, the party should refrain from interfering in the mentri besar issue,” Rahmad told reporters today.
The tension in Pakatan Rakyat has gone up a notch after PKR sacked Mentri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim from the party over the weekend.
Rahmad said DAP should leave the issue to PKR and PAS to decide on the mentri besar issue.
“Pakatan is no longer conscious of how the people are observing them as a righteous bloc.
“They had raised the bar of expectations among the people but cannot live up to their own standards on how the country should be governed,” he said.
He added that the people were witnessing the events where Pakatan was emulating Barisan Nasional in some ways in their haste to get rid of Khalid.
“With terrorism on the increase, the loss of two jetliners and social tension due to religious differences, Pakatan should be seeking to lead the three states it governs out of this abyss of uncertainty.
“Instead, they are all focused on getting rid of a mentri besar, just because of differences over how a highway should be built, how water is supplied to Selangorians and a perception that Khalid has become corrupt,” said Rahmad.
“Can’t they settle it in-house instead of dragging a state along?” he asked
Rahmad said politicians should weigh how their actions were affecting the people and not on how it helped further their careers.
He said this principle applied to all, be it Pakatan, BN or independents.

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