Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Is Wan Azizah no longer in the running?

KUALA LUMPUR: Political analysts see the post of Menteri Besar (MB) slipping further from PKR president Wan Azizah’s grasp now that the Sultan of Selangor has ordered Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan) to submit more names as candidates for the post.

In this regard, Pakatan must read the development as an implied signal.
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s (UTM) geostrategist, Dr.Azmi Hassan said following the Sultan’s command, PKR must review its original plan of wanting Wan Azizah as chief executive of the richest state in the country.

He said if PKR refused to budge from its original plan, there was a possibility it would have to face a more bitter challenge, namely, the dissolution of the state assembly to make way for a state election.
Yesterday the Sultan of Selangor ordered PAS, PKR and DAP to submit more than two names as candidates for the post of MB to replace Khalid Ibrahim.
“Based on the royal command, we may see a plan B from Pakatan. If they are adamant in wanting the original candidate (Wan Azizah), the Sultan may order a state election.
But is it worthwhile for them to take the risk in light of the people being fed-up of the prolonged crisis?” Azmi told Bernama.
Azmi also did not rule out the possibility of the new MB coming from PAS…, despite having a gentlemen’s agreement with Pakatan, for the number one seat in the state be given to PKR.
Asked if the appointment of an MB from PAS would fracture the PAS-PKR relationship which was becoming increasingly fragile due to the MB crisis, Azmi said PKR should act in a mature and open-hearted manner in accepting the Sultan’s command.
“PKR must accept it because they must remember the plan to get rid of Khalid started from the Kajang Move which had not only failed but also backfired,” he said.
Azmi also does not regard the action of Khalid in wanting to resign as conceding defeat, but sees it as a praiseworthy action which casts aside ego for the sake of the continuity of the administration of Selangor and the interest of the people.
Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Law, Government and International Studies College dean, Dr.Ahmad Marthada Mohamed said Khalid was a political victim because he was not found guilty, which would otherwise disqualify him as an MB, while his sacking from the party was still not valid under the law.
He was also of the opinion that the crisis might cause Khalid to lose interest and confidence in politics, as he was facing a dark episode in his political career.
“We are aware that Khalid became the MB because he wanted to serve society and this incident might cause him to be disappointed or dissatisfied because what he dreamed about could not be implemented due to interference by other quarters,” he said.
Asked if the Selangor leadership crisis would be resolved soon with the Sultan ordering more than two names from PAS, PKR and DAP, Ahmad Marthada personally thought the crisis would not be fully solved.
“Certain quarters see it as a signal that the Sultan seems not to want Wan Azizah, while PKR is so pressing. So, I feel there will be a crisis between PAS and PKR, its ally in Pakatan, what more, PAS is still indecisive on its support for Wan Azizah,” he said.
Meanwhile, political analyst Dr.Chandra Muzaffar said Pakatan must realise they could not be too insistent in wanting Wan Azizah to fill the MB’s post because the Sultans were on a higher position in the tradition of appointing MB’s in this country.
“We must remember that the rejection of a candidate as an MB had taken place in 2008 in Terengganu when the candidate picked by a political party was not agreed to by the Sultan who appointed another individual as the MB,” he said.
Chandra sees the Sultan of Selangor as still tolerant of the crisis and he said this must be appreciated to retain confidence for continued smoothness of the state’s administration.

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