Friday, August 8, 2014

Khalid, its about people not procedures

By Chua Tong Ka

When the former Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar (MB) of Perak was replaced, it was done clinically despite the fact that the Speaker of the House was physically carried off his seat and locked in the storeroom.
Did anyone care about the procedures and constitutional provisions governing the removal and change of the MB?

When the MB of Terengganu was replaced, there was no tussle too. There were no dossiers disclosed or debates about whether his achievements were worthy of an MB. The capability and credibility of the new MB was never doubted.
There was no protest from others within or without BN. Everyone respected the party’s or the coalition’s right to this change and no one argued whether the ruler of the state would accept or reject the new MB.
We even changed the Prime Minister (PM) of Malaysia in the most fuss-free manner.
Except for the MB of Perak where the situation was different, the former MB of Terengganu and the former PM of Malaysia accepted their fates gracefully.
They knew the party and the people were no longer with them, and that it was time to go.
Did they argue that they were the great protectors of the people’s interest? Did they worry there was a conspiracy against them for serving the people? Did they accuse those seeking to replace them of being power crazy and eager to further the interests of their cronies?
So why is the current MB of Selangor making it so difficult?
Why is he objecting to who his party has decided to replace him with? Does his party not have the final say?
He should be reminded that it is the people’s power, through the political parties they elected, that decide the fate of anyone in these powerful positions.
Politics is politics. Why hide behind procedures or claim constitutional protection? Political problems require political solutions. Politics is never procedural or constitutional and I think the former MB of Perak can attest to that.
Politics is a combination of power, expediency and acceptability.
Khalid Ibrahim may win through procedures and constitutional protection, but the people of Selangor will never be at peace with him.

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