Saturday, August 23, 2014

We love Khalid, but…

While the apoliticals express their support for Selangor Menteri Besar (MB) Khalid Ibrahim, they don’t necessarily share his views.

Over 100 fence-sitters that were interviewed unanimously sympathised with Khalid over his predicament but felt that the sacking of the five PKR and DAP Exco members was not a strategic move.
They felt that the Selangor MB should have stepped down graciously following his party’s rejection of his leadership as it was pointless to pursue the matter.

The interviewees who were from Serdang, Gombak, Klang and Kajang hoped that their frustration with the whole matter would be solved by the Sultan following his return from Hungary.
A taxi driver from Klang said that replacing Khalid was unnecessary while a Kajang stall owner found the whole fiasco annoying as there were more pressing issues to be attended to like traffic jams and clogged drains.
He questioned the motive of politicians who have made claims of entering into politics ‘to serve the people’, saying it was simply a meaningless cliché.
While politicians battle it out, the citizens are inconvenienced. As the Malay proverb goes: Gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah.
A Serdang housewife and Gombak restaurant owner have both decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Sultan.
And so we await the Sultan’s return to end this political tussle once and for all.

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