Friday, September 19, 2014

Pairin upset Batu Sumpah was tampered with

batu sumpah
KENINGAU: The Huguan Siou (Paramount Chief) of the Kadazandusun community in Sabah, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, has expressed his disappointment that unknown parties had tampered with the Oath Stone (Batu Sumpah) in Keningau and removed certain words referring to the government of Malaysia.
“Tidak boleh kacau kacau. Tidak boleh ubah wording (Cannot disturb. cannot change the wording),” he said in a statement breaking his silence on a controversial issue particularly in Keningau since Malaysia Day.
“The important words ‘Kerajaan Malaysia Jamin’ (Government of Malaysia Guarantees) which have been removed must be put back.”

Batu Sumpah, pointed out Pairin who is also the Deputy Chief Minister, is a “sacred document” and part of history and should not have been tampered with in any manner.
He pledged that he would instruct the District Officer in Keningau, of which he is the MP of, to carry out the necessary works “but first I would have to ask him what really happened”.
He advised that it would be easy to restore the words which had been removed by looking at the original photographs of Batu Sumpah.
The original words on Batu Sumpah referred to the government of Malaysia guaranteeing three key points out of 20 Points.
It is regarded as one of the constitutional documents which provide the basis for Sabah to be in federation with the Peninsular, Sarawak and Singapore.
The points state that Sabah would have no religion; that land would be a Sabah government matter; and that the culture, customs, traditions and Adat of the Orang Asal, including the people in the interior, would be respected and honoured. In return, the people would pledge their loyalty to Malaysia.

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