Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Police credibility undermined by arrests

PPS tangkap3
PETALING JAYA: Aliran has said the timing of the arrests of PPS members seems strangely provocative and asks if this action was authorised by the Attorney General.

“At a time when the authorities, including the police, need to avoid circumstances which can heighten tension and threaten our peace and harmony, why has there been a lack of discretion, patience and prudence?” Aliran asked in a statement.

Those arrested are apparently being investigated under Section 43 of the Societies Act 1966 for carrying out activities in the name of PPS while the society was not registered with the Registrar of Societies.
Aliran said the recent episode further undermined the credibility of the police to act in a fair and even-handed manner while appealing to authorities to refrain from letting freedom and justice be trampled upon by whichever quarter on the anniversary of the country’s independence.

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