Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bersih: BN also breaking election rules

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional has also breached election laws by campaigning early for the Kajang by-election, Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah said today.
She was commenting on news articles about Kajang residents lodging police reports and quoting statements by BN supporters that Pakatan Rakyat candidate Anwar Ibrahim had broken the law by campaigning before the legally allowed period.

“When the opposition breaches the law, the media jump at it, but not when BN breaks the law,” Chin told a press conference here.
“They have used ministers and people in high positions to make comments which are race based and provocative which are passed to the Kajang voters.
“Do you not call that campaigning?”
Chin urged media organisations to be unbiased in their reporting and not to ignore the ruling coalition’s violation of existing laws.

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