Monday, June 30, 2014

DAP: Home Minister should be dropped

Teresa Zahid
KUALA LUMPUR: If Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was serious about getting rid of unfit, unsuitable and under-performing ministers he should have done it in the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

“But due to his lack of political will to reform, Najib  missed the opportunity in the recent Cabinet reshuffle, which was more a Cabinet expansion,” said DAP National Vice-Chairperson and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in a statement released today.
Making a call for Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to be dropped from the Cabinet or at least undergo a portfolio change, Teresa cited his preferred “shoot first” policy for the police in dealing with suspected gang members, in October 2013.

“Then in February this year, he showed his irresponsibility again by dismissing the slap threat made against me by the self-styled Council of Islamic NGO’s,” said Teresa.
“As Home Minister, he must be committed to uphold the rule of law, peace and harmony in the country, yet he chose to ignore the criminal intimidation and incitement of violence against me.”
In other democratic nations like Japan, Australia or United Kingdom, if a minister had uttered the ‘shoot first’ remark, he would definitely have lost his post, said Teresa, “Yet Zahid continues to be the Home Minister.”
Yesterday, Zahid again proved how unfit he is as the Home Minister when he not only failed to condemn the cow head incident involving DAP assemblyman RSN Rayer, but said that the incident was the result of Rayer’s “big mouth”, she added.
“No matter how upset he was about Rayer’s “celaka Umno” remark made during last month’s Penang legislative assembly sitting, as Home Minister, Zahid should condemn the barbaric act and assure Rayer’s safety. Yet he chose to make an irresponsible remark instead.”
“It is obvious that Zahid can’t tell right from wrong, and again the question arises as to whether he is committed to upholding the rule of law, peace and harmony in the nation.”
“In just slightly over a year, Zahid has proven himself to be the most unsuitable Home Minister in the nation’s history,” she said.
Commenting on Zahid’s describing Rayer as “mulut celupar” (loose cannon or big mouth) Teresa said it was laughable when Zahid himself was a “mulut celupar” minister.
She added, “Najib’s recent failure to rid the Cabinet of under-performers is a setback to his transformation agenda, which he has often talked about.
“He must not disappoint the public again. He should drop Zahid altogether from the Cabinet, or at the very least, change his portfolio.”