Tuesday, June 24, 2014

‘Hudud a time bomb for Pakatan’

GEORGE TOWN: A Kedah DAP leader has warned that PAS’ hudud agenda could be a time bomb that can explode and shred Pakatan Rakyat to pieces in the next general election.

DAP Lunas branch chief S Neelamekan calls upon the Pakatan leadership to resolve the issue once and for all and bury the contentious PAS hudud agenda, or else face an inevitable electorate backlash.
“Until Pakatan erases their agenda from its political radar, the coalition is set to face widespread backlash from voters, especially the younger ones in the next election,” he told FMT here today.

He said Pakatan leaders, especially those from PAS, should not live in illusion that the hudud agenda would boost the coalition to regain its lost Malay – Muslim electoral ground.
Like majority non-Muslims, he noted that many Malay – Muslims were also against the hudud agenda.
He said PAS’ hudud agenda had allowed Barisan Nasional to capitalise on it and regain lost electoral ground among non-Muslims.
“Their agenda is like a time bomb against Pakatan.
“Pakatan will suffer from massive election defeats,” said Neelamekan while citing that his party’s recent defeat in Teluk Intan was an indication of things to come.
He recalled that he had indeed warned the DAP leadership of PAS’ intentions even before the last general election but it fell on deaf ears because everyone was so affected by the ‘ubah’ (change) phobia.
“It seems PAS and Pakatan leaders have lost touch with grassroots sentiments.
“It’s time for DAP and PKR to take a firm stand to reject PAS’ hudud.
“We have to learn some harsh lessons, rectify our blunders and strengthen our grassroots unity to face the next election.
“Or else we are doomed,” warned Neelamekan.