Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PM has failed his KPI

Najib razak
By Selena Tay

Many have given him the thumbs-down due to the glut of race and religious issues cropping up daily.
The most recent events being an NGO leader issuing a May 13 threat and a cow head thrown in front of the house of DAP’s Seri Delima state assemblyman RSN Rayer in Penang.
The Prime Minister ought to chastise anyone who issues all manner of threats and reprimand the cow head thrower who even had the gall to do a silly jig after committing the dastardly deed.

Indeed, due to the antics of race and religious bigots in recent months, we can win the gold medal for being the world’s top laughing stock.
We have a water shortage, lost a plane and tourists kidnapped from our shores and the list goes on. The problems still remain unsolved until today.
But it is the race and religious issues that are the centre of attention. Perhaps there are some people who delight in sowing disharmony and discord but what have they to gain from it?
These diabolical agents of discontent must realise that if the nation goes down, all will go down together. Do they want the nation to have a bad name and investors leaving our shores?
And worst of all, why is the Prime Minister keeping quiet despite these issues cropping up regularly and causing unhappiness all round?
For keeping quiet and not clamping down on the voices of racists and religious bigots and extremists, Najib has certainly failed in meeting his KPI.
“Fail, flop, flunk are the grades I will award him for his half-year report card because there are so many problems facing this nation,” said PAS’ Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.
Indeed Najib’s silence is deplorable, amazing and incredible.
A fried kueh teow seller in a coffee shop near Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur said the Prime Minister right now only resembled a symbolic figurehead.
Why is Najib not speaking out against the extremists? Surely he is not afraid of them because after all he is the Prime Minister?!
Why the total silence?
The rakyat especially the Chinese businessmen have already voiced out that they want peace and harmony to prevail. So isn’t Najib going to speak out for the greater good of the people and the nation?
The current situation is unhealthy. Everyone wants peace and stability so that the nation can prosper but it looks like there are some evil elements in society who are bent on destroying what is good in this nation together with the values enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
If the Prime Minister rallies the rakyat for the greater good of the nation to face the global challenges ahead, all the people will work with him to ensure that the country becomes a world economic power. Still, all that will not happen due to the evil deeds of some crazy individuals with their own selfish agenda.
Najib must wake up now, this very moment. He must quell the voices of the racists and religious bigots with immediate effect. Failure to do so would only render Vision 2020 an illusion, a fantasy and an impossibility.
After all, he has always proclaimed himself as the Prime Minister for all Malaysians.
He certainly must not let the rakyat wait until the cows come home.
Selena Tay is a FMT columnist